All of the printed products in my store are printed to order so please allow for a fulfillment time ( for your artwork to be printed ) PLUS a shipping time to deliver your artwork once it is ready. Times do vary for this depending on the product and country you live in but as a general rule :

PAPER POSTER PRINTS : 3-5 business days to print the item PLUS approx 4 days to ship. This may vary and you will be updated with order tracking along the life of your order.

GREETING CARD PACKS : 3-5 business days to print the item PLUS approx 4 days to ship. This may vary and you will be updated with order tracking along the life of your order.

ORDER TRACKING : When you place your order you will get an automatic confirmation at each stage of your artworks journey.You will receive an initial order confirmation email and further notifications when it ships including a tracking number. If at any time you need assistance tracking your parcel please contact us at and we can help you.

HOW WILL MY POSTER PRINTS BE PACKAGED? We use different packaging depending on the size of the poster as well as the country where the item is being shipped to. Our standard packaging for posters is: Flat protective parcel for posters up to A4 Tube for posters above A4 Some exceptions are: Mailing tubes in the following countries: DK, DE, NO, CH, FR, UK, AU, SG, NL, BE, AT Triangular/rectangular tubes in the US, Canada and Brazil

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY ORDER ARRIVES INCORRECT, DAMAGED OR FAULTY? In the unlikely event that your order arrives with any faults or errors please contact us via email immediately at with your order number and contact details and we can assist you. Regarding returns please read our full refund and returns policy page linked


At Rachel Murray Design, we understand the importance of clear and transparent shipping information for our customers. 

That's why we calculate shipping per item, as all of our products are printed on demand from different suppliers all over the world. This allows us to offer a wider variety of products without having to maintain a large inventory, while still providing accurate and up-to-date shipping information for each item. Our per-item shipping calculation takes into account the fact that each item may be coming from a different supplier, ensuring that customers can make informed purchasing decisions. We believe in providing the best possible shopping experience, and that starts with clear and honest shipping information. 

We take pride in offering affordable art prints to our customers, but we also understand that shipping can be a significant cost. That's why we do not include any additional fees in the cost of each item. Instead, we only pass on the direct shipping costs in the shipping fee per item. This approach allows us to offer more exciting and affordable artworks to our customers, while still ensuring that we are covering the cost of shipping. As a small business, we cannot afford to offer free shipping, but we believe that by only charging for the direct shipping costs, we can still provide an affordable and accessible way for our customers to enjoy unique and beautiful artwork. We are committed to providing the best possible shopping experience for our customers, and this includes transparent and fair shipping pricing.

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